AJ Clemente

So you have probably heard by now about this guy at KFYR in Bismarck, North Dakota, who said “f***ing s**t” just before he was supposed to go on the air, only he was already on the air. He said these taboo words because he was reviewing what he was supposed to read on the air and there were some difficult names in the copy. He did not realize he was already on the air when he said them. Here’s the thing that is bothering me: Mr. Clemente has gotten his 15 minutes of fame by doing the morning show and the late night circuit due to the fact his video went viral. Oh, yeah, he got fired, but all of these people in the national public eye have started this rallying cry of “Give him another chance!” Ignore the fact that he was unspectacular as a speaker, with mediocre diction. Everyone now wants to give him another chance. What the heck?! Didn’t anyone teach him that it is unprofessional to curse at work? Hey, we all curse; some of us a little, some of us a lot. That doesn’t excuse saying inappropriate words at inappropriate times.

On Thursday, David Hinckley from the NY Daily News said this: “Intelligent people with the vocabulary and insight to say something in a much more interesting way routinely fall back on four-letter words. It’s easy, it’s lazy, it’s everywhere.” http://nydn.us/180z47k

Yep, that’s what it comes down to; laziness. I heard some kids at a high school football game this fall in which every other word out of their mouths were f*** this and f*** that. They said it so much there was no impact left in those words. It was just annoying and rude. Words have power! Use them correctly and in appropriate situations and you can make yourself heard!



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  1. All very true. When I was a college band director in South Florida (I won’t name the university), I banned the “f” word from rehearsal. The students told me “But this is just the [insert city name] way – you can’t ban it.” I told them that, having been in the Navy, I know how to cuss like a sailor (and have done so), but as a professional you have to know when it’s inappropriate, and if you just let fly all the time (esp. when you’re young) you won’t be able to turn it off when the time comes. And that while they were at rehearsal, it was a class, and they needed to act professionally. Short story long, this was one of the things they brought up to the administration when they tried to get me fired – that I was stifling their culture and freedom of expression… I gave up.

    • I run across that all the time while volunteering at my high school age daughter’s marching band. And don’t get me started on why it is rude to be texting during meetings or movies or at dinner. My 15-year-old Girl Scouts (a couple of them) just don’t get why it pisses me off. I told them it’s rude and even if you don’t think it is, just accept that it will always be rude to me (and probably their parents).

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