There is a Little Bit of High School in All of Us

Before I start, please check out this thought-provoking essay:

Let me say this – I can so relate to this person’s feelings. Although I enjoy my reunions, I always walk away feeling a little bit like we stepped right back into high school, with the cliques, the superficiality, the judgment. Thanks to today’s social media, I can actually say I enjoy getting to know people from high school that I didn’t know very well when I WAS in high school. But then there are those people that I grew up with, from kindergarten on, who have absolutely nothing in common with me. We say hello at the reunion, “what are you doing,” “how many kids do you have,” and then after a few awkward seconds we move on. I am definitely a talker and that is not any different now than it was in high school, so I will go up to everyone and talk to them.

I also feel like I am so glad to have the life I have now – despite breast cancer, weight gain, and not becoming a millionaire (ha ha!). I love my life – my husband, my kids, and my friends. I guess that’s part of what a reunion can do – show us that we really have come a long way.


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