What?! Another Girl Scout camp has closed


There is apparently a trend recently for Girl Scout councils to sell off their camps. This has been the decision due to financial difficulties and lowering enrollment in GS. I am sad. Read the blog post by Mandi Elizabeth above because she very eloquently says it. Regardless of what type of camp you may have attended, this is a terrible sign of the times. She mentions the song “Linger.” Here are the lyrics:

Mmm, mmm I want to linger
Mmm, mmm a little longer
Mmm, mmm a little longer here with you

Mmm, mmm it’s such a perfect night
Mmm, mmm it doesn’t seem quite right
Mmm, mmm that it should be my last with you

Mmm, mmm and come September
Mmm, mmm we will remember
Mmm, mmm our camping days and friendships true

Mmm, mmm and as the years go by
Mmm, mmm I’ll think of you and sigh
Mmm, mmm this is “Good night” and not “Goodbye”


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