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The Tooth Fairy Enigma

The blog link at the end of this message brought many years of tooth fairy strife back to me. With my oldest, our tooth fairy once forgot to come and the next night my daughter got a note neatly done on the computer apologizing for getting behind and not coming the previous night. The next day, my daughter said, exasperated with me, “The tooth fairy doesn’t have a computer.” Well, that transition of losing the tooth fairy myth was pretty smooth.

My next child was a tooth fairy freak. She had this idea in her head that the tooth fairy was this very, very tiny fairy, so she would write little teeny tiny notes and leave them under her pillow: “What is your name?” “How old are you?” “When is your birthday?” The tooth fairy dutifully wrote back in teeny tiny handwriting. For the record, this is when we decided each child had his/her own personal tooth fairy. This child’s tooth fairy is named Pearlina, was 399 years old at the time, and her birthday just happens to be the same day as my daughter’s birthday. My daughter was thrilled, she even dressed up as the tooth fairy for Halloween, and these little notes are now in her baby book. When it came time for my last child to start losing teeth, my daughter was very excited to help him write notes to HIS tooth fairy. This tooth fairy is male, of course, and his name is Cal (short for Calcium) and his birthday is, lo and behold, the same day as my son’s.

Whenever a child would lose a tooth, I would write a small happy face on the back of my hand with a pen. Then, when I was getting ready for bed I would look at my hand and say to my husband, “Whoa, the tooth! You do it…” You see, this is a tradition that is not really my favorite. It is nerve wracking to have to exchange the money for the tooth without waking the child. What would happen if he or she woke up? Would it scar them for life? So, what did I do? I made my husband do it, God bless him.

My son, my youngest, recently lost the last tooth, and I am happy that chapter is closed. I am also happy that we made it special for our kids. Maybe they will continue the tradition with theirs.


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