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Remembering Challenger

My dad took me to see the Challenger arrive for the first time, piggyback on a 747, in July 1982 at Kennedy Space Center. I watched from outside my high school when it launched on January 28, 1986. I was at lunch, hanging out in the band room, and we all stepped outside to watch the launch. Funny how something that happened 28 years ago can seem so clear to me. I feel blessed to have lived in Merritt Island during the beginning of the shuttle program; seeing it from my house, FEELING it from my house, going to KSC to watch the launches. My dad even got press passes for us once, and we saw it launch from the closest a spectator could get. I am sad that my kids don’t get that excitement. RIP to the crew of STS 51-L.



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Facebook Friends

Okay, so I decided to pick through my friend list on Facebook tonight to weed out the people I don’t talk to very often or the ones I don’t really have contact with anymore. Here’s the thing: How do I unfriend people without hurting feelings? These are not people to whom I have any hard feelings. What if they are following me more closely than I am following them? So, I leave them on my list and only unfriend the ones who I have totally lost touch with, and maybe I “unfollow” them on my news feed. That way, we are still friends but my feed is not clogged up. Whew, being on Facebook can be a pain, right?

What spurred this on tonight was a disagreement with a friend, someone who I actually do see in person from time to time, and she proceeded to unfriend me. Obviously, it was not really a friendship, and I am not really hurt by it other than just feeling bad that I hurt her feelings, but this is what has made me think about the FB world. I would abandon Facebook altogether except for the friends who are truly my friends, in person, who I get the chance to “talk” to more via Facebook. And honestly, I like to share funny videos and post pictures of my family. I want to see pictures of my friends’ kids; it keeps me connected to a past that I feel quickly slipping away. Our kids played together, we volunteered together, we saw each other every day not so long ago. I don’t like the thought of losing touch with people like I did in the years from high school or college until Facebook became available.

Really, it is a process – of me coming to grips with the fact that in the not-so-distant future I will be entering the world of the empty nest. I am so lucky that I have a good relationship with my husband and with my family, and I look forward to the freedom to travel or move to another city, but it’s the unknown, and that’s scary.


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