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It Finally Bloomed!

Quite a few¬†years ago a relative gave me a small plumeria plant. I planted it in a sunny place in my garden in my back yard and every year it had beautiful leaves but never bloomed. I never knew what color the flowers would be and I waited with great anticipation to find out. One year we had to have some maintenance work done in the back yard and the workers, to my complete horror, chopped down the plant. In case you don’t know, plumeria plants can be just stuck in the ground and they will root, so I moved the chopped down plant to a sunny place in my front yard. The lawn people damaged the plant, damn it, which up to this point had two branches. Now one branch was gone and the other was at a weird 45-degree angle. It has still gotten wonderful thick leaves every year since, but no flowers. Finally, a few weeks ago I noticed a different shoot coming through the middle of this one remaining branch. Then I noticed buds. Then today I went outside and it has its first flower! It’s yellow! It’s a good sign for 2016.

The first bloom on my plumeria plant

The first bloom on my plumeria plant


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